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  • For 2014 -2015 Health Insurance Details

    Health Insurance Details

     2013 - Sep 2014

    Contact the Insurance Administrator

    You may call 1-877-246-6997. You may also send an email to

    Lab / Doctors Office Bills

    Fill out a claim form, attach your itemized bill showing date of service and a description of the service performed, and return it to the address located at the top of the claim form. Make sure you include: your name, Seattle University student ID number, mailing address, and group number (08630002). You can get a claim form from the International Student Center, from the ISC website under "Forms" or from the Summit America website.

    Group and Policy Number

    Your group name is "Seattle University", your group number is "08630002" and your unique insurance ID number is your Seattle University student ID number.


    The deductible per Policy Year for each person, for each Injury or Sickness, is $100. However, the $100 deductible will be waived if: services or treatment are rendered by the Student Health Center; or if a referral is obtained from the Student Health Center; or if the Student Health Center is closed and the student is unable to obtain treatment or a referral from the Student Health Center. In these cases, your claim form should be stamped at the bottom of the claim form by a member of the Seattle University Student Health Center in Bellarmine 107.

    Graduating Students Refund of the Insurance Premium

    If you submit a statement to the International Student Center stating that you will be returning to your home country, or you will be transferring to another school, you may receive a refund of the premium. Refunds can only be given if you will not be attending classes for the entire quarter/semester, and can not be given mid-quarter or semester. Also, the statement must be approved by the International Student Center.

    Insurance under Optional Practical Training (OPT)

    If the dates of your Optional Practical Training (OPT) are past your annual coverage you may be able to apply for the insurance under your authorized OPT time. Please visit the International Student Center (ISC) to complete the application form. All applications must be submitted through the ISC.

    Contacts for a coverage or claims question

    You may call Summit America Customer Service at 877.246.6997.