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Curricular Practical Training

  • You can apply for curricular practical training (CPT) if your degree program requires you to do an internship and it is a paid position. To apply for CPT, you must have:

    1. Job offer letter from a specific employer indicating: 

    • Job title
    • Dates of employment
    • Number of hours of work per week
    • Location of employment
    • Description of responsibilities

    2. Letter from academic advisor/faculty who is knowledgeable of the internship.  

    The letter should include:

    • Graduation date for program
    • Indication that internship is required of all students to complete the program and is an integral part of the curriculum. It must be listed in the school's course catalog, Bulletin of Information.
    • Number of credits and the name of the faculty member teaching/supervising the internship. If no credit is assigned then must include description of how faculty/supervisor track the progress of internship. For example, how do students report to the faculty/supervisor on the nature of the internship, will there be a written or oral report to be prepared at the end of the internship, or any other methods used to monitor student's progress in meeting the curriculum objective(s).
    • Objective(s) for internship
    • Employer, location of employment and position title
    • Dates of employment and number of hours of work per week
    • Detail how the particular tasks the student undertakes in his/her employment compliments his/her course work

    Once you have the above two letters, bring them to the International Student Center (ISC). The ISC will review your records and documentation for curricular practical training. If you meet all requirements according to immigration regulations for curricular practical training, we will endorse the necessary work permit for you to start your internship.

    Please Note Curricular practical training will require concurrent full-time coursework to maintain lawful status as a student.

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