International Development Internship Program

For NGOs

  • The International Development Internship Program is seeking placement for undergraduate and graduate students with non-governmental organizations and other development organizations. If you would like to host a student intern, please contact Dr. Meenakshi Rishi at (206) 296-2078,, or Gina Lopardo at (206) 296-6460,

    We ask the following of NGOs:

    • Sign a mutually acceptable agreement between Seattle University and the receiving organization.
    • Obtain responsible housing for the student.
    • Meet the student at the airport upon arrival and departure.
    • Provide an academic Scope of Work (SOW) assignment for the student.
    • Oversee the general welfare of the student during the ten week internship.
    • Students are responsible for the financial cost of board and room.
  • The Albers Connection

    The International Development Internship Program is an Albers program that is open to all juniors and seniors at Seattle University.

    Learn more about Albers.