Performance Management

 As part of our commitment to excellence, Seattle University requires supervisors to formally evaluate the work performance of each person they supervise.  The annual staff evaluation process involves meeting with the employee and completing a Performance Evaluation Form summarizing the supervisors' assessment and contents of the performance conversation. The university provides annual staff salary reviews.  Salary increases connected with the annual review are based on two factors:  individual job performance and a comparison of current pay to the job market range for the position. Specific annual salary review guidelines are usually announced in early May and are effective July 1st. 

2013/14 Annual Staff Performance Evaluation Guidelines

Final Evaluation Due Date: March 31, 2014 

Evaluation Period: January 1- December 31, 2013 


 Definition of Eligible Employees: All individuals in staff positions, other than temporary or seasonal employee, are eligible to participate in the annual performance and salary review process, as detailed below:

Performance Evaluations: All eligible employees in staff positions on or before November 1, 2013 are to receive a Performance Evaluation.  

Annual Salary Review: All eligible employees in staff positions on or before April 30, 2014 will be included in the annual salary review process, effective July 2014.

Recent Hires: All eligible employees hired after November 1, 2013 and before April 30, 2014 will not receive a 2013/14 Performance Evaluation but they will be included in the annual salary review process, effective July 1, 2014.  

Recent Transfers/Promotions:  Supervisors are responsible for completing performance evaluations for staff transferring to their workgroup during the evaluation period, with input as appropriate from the individual's previous supervisor.



Last modified on Tuesday, August 05, 2014