Exchange Programs for Dependent Children

  FACHEX Tuition Exchange
Employee Eligibility
- After 3 years of employment
- Immediately with eligible prior service
Dependent Eligibility Dependent children as defined by the IRS
First undergraduate degree
Participating Institutions
26 Jesuit Colleges excluding Georgetown
600+ Institutions across the United States  
Deadline  (for returning Exchange requests) December 15th February 1
Process  1. You apply to school(s)
 2. You complete FACHEX/TE Request Form
 3. Benefits Office certifies student as eligible
 4. Institutions make their decisions
 5. Institutions notify students

> FACHEX/Tuition Exchange Request Form
> FACHEX/Tuition Exchange Process 
> FACHEX - Information on Participating Institutions 
> Tuition Exchange Website


Last modified on Wednesday, August 06, 2014