A Safe, Healthy Working and Learning Environment

Faculty and Staff Required Training Work and Learning Environment Training

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Seattle University is both legally obligated and ethically committed to providing a safe and healthy living, learning and working environment. As university faculty and staff, we are each responsible for demonstrating integrity and respect in our daily activities and in the performance of our professional responsibilities. Knowledge and awareness are the essential guides for our actions.

All Seattle University faculty and staff must periodically complete required awareness training programs provided by the university. The following learning and workplace programs are required at this time: FERPA, Data Privacy, and Harassment and Discrimination Prevention.  In 2012, Seattle University launched a new online training resources to educate and update faculty and staff on university policies, guidelines and applicable laws. 

Student Employee FERPA training  can be accessed through Student Employment Services.

Workplace Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety in Facilities Services maintains, conducts, and coordinates campus-wide environmental safety programs, including: Health and Safety Resources, and Safety and Ergonomics Training Programs.


Last modified on Tuesday, August 05, 2014