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Room Change Request Policy

  •  Roommate Mediation and Room Change Requests

    At Seattle University, we base our residential system on the principle of community agreements. As a portion of our departmental mission, we strive to create respectful communities. The on-campus living experience is unique and is associated with many benefits and challenges.

    By interacting with people of different backgrounds and interests, community members form rich and lasting relationships. We recognize that conflicts will arise and we ask that you allow our staff to work with you to work toward resolution. Community agreements further enrich this process by providing an atmosphere of safety, education, and shared community and individual responsibility.

    The residential community of roommates, floor mates, and friends at Seattle University prepares our students to be involved in and become leaders for a just and humane world. Our roommate mediation process and room change policy is based on this tenet: we believe that roommates should develop open, communicative relationships. Our Housing & Residence Life team is prepared and willing to work with you through this process. This process does not apply for The Douglas Apartments, please contact their leasing office.

    Please note that room changes are an exception and not the rule. Also, a student can expect the room change process to take up to one month to be actualized once the mediation process has begun. Additionally, room change requests will not be processed the first two weeks of each quarter. Please review the following information for guidance on how to improve your living situation.

    Roommate Conflicts and Mediation

    The first step in resolving a conflict between your roommate(s) and you is to meet with your roommate(s) to discuss the issues you are experiencing. During this conversation you should identify the issue(s) and listen to hear any concerns your roommate(s) may have as well. If you need help figuring out the best way to approach your roommate(s) to discuss your concern(s), please talk with your Resident Assistant (RA).

    After you have talked through concerns with your roommate(s), if you continue to have challenges within your living situation you will be asked to complete a Roommate Mediation Request Form and meet with the Resident Assistant (RA) present to further talk through and address any remaining concerns in a roommate mediation meeting. At this meeting you should be open to finding a mutual understanding with your roommate(s) and be prepared to develop steps you all plan to take in order to improve your living situation.

    If after meeting with your RA the same issue(s) persist, and your RA cannot help resolve your conflict, you will be referred to the Assistant Resident Director (ARD) of your building. Your ARD may choose to have another meeting with the residents of the room. They will recommend an approval or denial of a room change request to the Resident Director (RD).

    Final approval/denial of room change request is determined by the Resident Director. Requests to change rooms will be considered on a first come, first served basis and following on our priority system. All room changes require the approval of Housing and Residence Life (HRL). You may not, under any circumstances, change rooms without the approval of HRL

    For emergency or safety concerns related to a room changes

    If you are in immediate danger or there is a threat to health and safety, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 206.296.5911.

    If you are in need of an immediate room change please call 206.296.6305 or visit the Housing and Residence Life Central Office in Campion 100.

    Your request will then be handled by our Housing Coordinator or another HRL Staff member.

    For medical/psychological concerns

    Students who are requesting a specific accommodation are required to register with the Disability Services Office

    Your request will be communicated with the Housing and Residence Life Central Office, and will be handled by our Housing Coordinator.


    Download the Roommate Agreement Form