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  • February 2014

    Monthly Q & A

    Q: What is the likelihood of getting in a quad if you are a Sophomore?

    A: The 4-person quads in the Murphy's are always in high demand. We recommend your group decide on at least two back up options. For example if you are unable to select a quad in Murphy, consider a quad in Chardin or two double rooms next to each other in one of the Residence Halls.

    Q: Am I required to live on-campus next year?

    A: Students are required to live on-campus if they are a freshmen/sophomore under the age of 21 or first/second year student under the age of 21 or within two years of high school graduation and under the age of 21.  Click here to review the complete University housing policy.

    Medical Accommodations in Housing 

    Medical accommodations in housing take time and planning. If you currently have a medical accommodation in housing or would like to pursue one for next year, you will need to submit your request to the Office of Disabilities Services no later than March 10th, 2014. If your request is received after this date, your medical request will be processed after the housing selection process is completed. Keep in mind, spaces will be limited after housing selection.

    Accommodations can be made for you and you only. We cannot accommodate roommate requests that are in conjunction with a medical request. If you wish to pursue housing with specific roommates and you have a medical request, you will need to go through the housing selection process with your roommates.

    Timeline for Housing Selection

    March 3rd: Housing Applications become available online. Students complete the application portion and create roommate groups of two or more people.
    March 10th: Deadline to submit housing related medical requests to the Office of Disabilities Services. Requests received by this date are highest priority.
    March 24th: Deadline to submit Housing applications and create roommate groups.
    March 28th: Selection times emailed.
    April 1st - 30th: Housing Selection times will begin and occur during business hours. Housing staff will be available to meet with students during their selection time (or after) to assist them with the sign-up process.
    May 1st: Deadline to cancel housing assignment without fee and Summer housing applications become available online.

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