Graduate Student Council

Welcome From Bill Ehmann

  • Welcome to graduate school at Seattle U! 

    Dr. Bill Ehmann Your primary relationships here will be with your graduate program faculty and then among your colleagues in the Graduate Student Council (GSC), at McGoldrick Collegium and various campus associations, but you have an additional layer of support from your Dean’s Office and also from me, as Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education.  You’ve made a great choice to advance your capabilities in this world and everyone at Seattle U is here to support you as you earn your graduate degree.

    In the coming academic year, 2015-16, I will be meeting regularly with leaders of the GSC, in collaboration with members of our Student Development team, to continually strengthen our graduate student experience.  Ona Fisher is this year’s GSC President and Jose Vazquez has joined us as our new Assistant Director of Government and Clubs.  Student Development also has three new Graduate Coordinators this year, Irene Ziemba, Mitchell Catalano and Kirsten Aranas.  Please reach out to any of us on matters that are important to your success.

    Not only have you engaged in new learning against the backdrop of one of America’s greatest (and rising) cities, you are also able participate in our new “Chardin Scholars” program, which is open to all Seattle U graduate students on a no-cost, voluntary basis.  If you take advantage of this program, we will recognize you with a gold cord at graduation, highlight your engagement in the commencement program, and encourage you to add this credential to your resume.  It’s a great way to expand the context of your Seattle U education and get recognized in a unique way for going above and beyond your degree program.  A schedule of events and more details can be found here.

    Increasingly, our outstanding faculty are writing external grant proposals that can provide funding to graduate students doing research.  To find these, get in touch with your program director and ask which faculty are actively submitting proposals at this time, and see if there is a role you can play.  Don’t limit yourself to your own department either…you can contact anyone of more than 30 graduate program directors where you have interests. 

    Work-study opportunities and short term staff positions are posted on university web pages, and you can find other support through our RedHawk Network.  We also have travel funds to partially subsidize your costs for professional presentations and conferences throughout the year (details are on the GSC homepage).  We have several interdisciplinary, university-wide centers that can help you too, such as the Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability (CEJS), the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture (ICTC), and the Center for the Study of Justice in Society (CSJS).

    Graduate school is very much about your ideas and empowerment, and we’re here to help.  I wish you the best in the coming year.

    William J. Ehmann, Ph.D.
    Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education