Graduate Student Council

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    David Grant
    College of Education: Educational Leadership

    David Grant (EDLR, Ed.D student/candidate) has research interests in student success and retention methodologies, collaborative group/team development, and organizational strategic planning. He received his BS in Business & Human Resource Management from Portland State in June 2007, and MEd in Educational Psychology – Human Relations from Northern Arizona in May 2010. He has held leadership positions in both the airline and higher education fields, where he has gained experience with training and staff development, data processing systems (IT), customer service support and oversight, as well as federal regulatory compliance. David most recently presented scholarly-research at the 2013 International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education (IASCE), and National Conference for Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE).

    David has previously served the SU GSC as the 2012 Doctoral Representative and 2013 Vice-Chair of Finance & Strategic Planning. In addition he has served on the Faculty Rank & Tenure Committee (2013), Budget Advisory Committee (2014), Ashoka Campus Review Committee (2014), Academic Affairs Committee (2014), Board of Regents (2015), and the Board of Trustees (2015). A native of Alaska, he enjoys ALL outdoor winter activities as well as sailing, diving, cycling, hiking and hot springs!  He is inspired to continue a long tradition of giving back and caring about what happens – to each and every individual that he has the opportunity to interact with, and is looking forward to an exciting year as your 2014-15 GSC chair!

    Goals for this year include: Organizational/Structural Renewal, Policy Updates, Continued evaluation of our Graduate Event/Research funding process, and Graduate Advocacy on Campus.


    Vice Chair of Finance & Strategic Planning

    Huong Le
    Albers School of Business & Economics: MPAC 

    Ms. Huong Le is from Hanoi, Vietnam. Prior to Seattle, she lived in West Virginia for two years, where she had a ton of fun time with the beautiful mountains and the snow! Huong is currently pursuing her MPAC degree at Seattle University, hoping to sit for the CPA exam this summer.

    As the Associate Vice Chair of Finance and Strategic Planning, Huong's passion is to help everyone love, enjoy, and fully develop in the best possible ways at Seattle University. She loves to meet and get to know new people, and she is really looking forward to the first coffee social of the year on Oct. 23rd!

     Connect with Huong on Linkedin 

    Vice Chair of Community Relations

    Ona Fisher
    College of Arts & Sciences: SDA 

    Ona Fisher is a first year master of education student in the Student Development Administration program. Some of her goals this year as Vice Chair of Community Relations are to foster relationships between graduate students of Seattle University, to create partnerships between Seattle University and the community surrounding our campus, and most of all help graduate students make connections to on campus resources that will assist them in obtaining a meaningful education during their time here. Ona is looking forward to all GSC events as opportunities to get to know the graduate student body in order to represent the diverse needs of Seattle University graduates. 

    Associate Vice Chair of Community Relations

    Suzy Martinez
    College of Arts & Sciences: Arts Leadership 

    Suzy Martinez has grown deep roots in the areas of social justice, education and mediation. She has worked with K-12th  students and adults all over the United States, Mexico and Asia. In 1996 she incorporated her business, Expanded Connection, providing communication courses and cultural sensitivity curriculum to schools, non-profits, universities and businesses.  As a performance artist, actor, she is a member of Pasajer@s, a play back theatre company whose focus is anti-oppression through the powerful enactment of individuals stories. She graduated from Chico State with her teaching credential in Bilingual-Cross Cultural Education. She will be graduating with an MFA in Leadership in 2015.

    Vice Chair of Marketing & Communications

    Kim Dalan
    Albers School of Business & Economics: MBA 

     Kim Dalan is a second year MBA candidate specializing her efforts in the areas of sustainability and marketing. With a professional background in highly regulated industries, she is hoping to use her graduate experience as a springboard to shift her career into a more creative direction. Kim is a transplant from the east coast, who originally found herself in Seattle thanks to her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. With 12 years of Seattle under her belt, including 8 years as a resident of Capitol Hill, Kim is an invaluable resource for fun things to do around town. 

     This being her second year serving on the GSC, and last year on campus, Kim is looking forward to maximizing her time working with her peers to put on memorable networking and professional events while pushing the limits of what graduate students can expect from a student organization. 

     Connect with Kim on Linkedin  


    Associate Vice Chair of Marketing & Communications

    Mariquita de Mira
    College of Arts & Sciences: Arts Leadership 

    Mariquita de Mira, a 15-year veteran of the entertainment industry, landed her first gig at MTV Networks. She worked as a Production Associate and Clips Research Coordinator on the "MTV Movie Awards", "Video Music Awards", and the "Superbowl Half-time Show". Thereafter, she worked on the "2001 Oscars Academy Awards". She moved to the studio level at The Walt Disney Company supporting film executives in the development, casting and production of feature films that included "Enchanted", "50 First Dates", "Pirates of the Carribean", "Gone Baby Gone", and "Step Up".  She was offered a Media Manager position at Vubiquity, a digital media company that delivers Video-On-Demand content to cable companies. She has traveled to 42 countries, most recently to Indonesia, and learned to surf.

    Mariquita is in her 2nd year in the MFA in Arts Leadership Program and her objectives for the GSC is to increase graduate student engagement, and provide events and programs that meet their needs and enhance their lives on and off campus.  Upon graduation, she hopes to achieve world domination and better our world at the same time!