Graduate Student Council
  • The GSC’s new funding guidelines and application are coming soon!

    How does this affect you?

    • Effective Spring Quarter 2014, funding requests will be evaluated 3 times per year on a quarterly basis with strict submission and review deadlines to improve transparency and efficiency. These quarterly deadlines will be posted on the GSC website, shared with the graduate student listserv, and will closely follow the Seattle University academic calendar. Information about approved funding requests and other budgetary information will be posted on our website!
    • Funding requests received after events and/or conferences have occurred will not be reviewed.
      • (I.E: It’s Winter Quarter and a funding request is submitted for an event/conference that occurred during the prior Fall Quarter; this request has been submitted past the Fall Quarter deadline and will be denied.)
    • Funding Requests received for events and/or conferences outside the current term will also no longer be accepted early, and should be submitted for the applicable term by the new deadlines posted on our website. 
      • (I.E: It’s Fall Quarter and a funding request is submitted for an event/conference that will occur during the next Spring Quarter; this request has been submitted prior to the Spring Quarter deadline and will be returned to the applicant for resubmission by the applicable deadline).  
    Why this is excellent news for all of us!

    • The GSC’s review process will be streamlined, meaning faster turnaround times!
    • Quarterly financial planning gives your GSC breathing room to 1) better plan social events and 2) forecast research funding opportunities.
    • Our updated policy will allow the GSC to be more equitable. Transparent planning will not only help you more effectively tap into funding opportunities, it also ensures that graduate students from all colleges and programs have equal opportunity and access to GSC funding. 
    • The GSC website will be regularly updated with the deadlines and pertinent information to keep us all on the same page.
    We invite you to check back regularly for breaking news and updates that directly affect your funding request.  

    Contact Marc Andersonour Vice Chair of Finance and Strategic Planning, or your school/college representatives with any questions, to test out ideas, or just ask how to start.


    Purpose of Graduate Student Council Funding

    Annually, the Graduate Student Council receives funds to distribute to Seattle University graduate students. The Graduate Student Council budgets funds for allocations to SU graduate students, student organizations, and academic programs for personal and professional development, events that promote community among the graduate student body and uphold the mission and values of Seattle University.

    Who can apply for funds?

    • All Seattle University graduate students are eligible for funding.
    • Any college, program, organization, or cohort of currently enrolled Seattle University graduate students is eligible for funding. The names and contact information of at least three current graduate students involved in the event must be listed on the application.
    • Individual graduate students must be sponsored by a student organization or academic program.
    • The GSC welcomes all ideas for funding requests from Seattle University graduate students; however, the GSC has the final authority on the amount funded.

    Funding priority will be given to events that fit the following criteria

    • Cross college, program, organization, or cohort boundaries
    • Impact a greater number of graduate students
    • Enhance the academic experience
    • Colleges, programs, organizations, or cohorts that are actively seeking outside funding.

    Please note the following

    • Funding proposals may be funded fully or for the partial cost.
    • All graduate school programs will be eligible to submit multiple events funding proposals quarterly.
    • No more than half of all GSC allocations may benefit one academic program or student organization.
    • Funding for professional development conferences is limited to registration only. No more than $600 will be allocated to one conference (not exceed $200 per person).
    • The GSC evaluates the following factors: 1. Organization's contribution to the event; 2. How the event increases the visibility of Seattle University graduate students; 3. Level of advanced planning; 4. Organization's participation in the community and at the school; 5. And the amount of funds that the GSC has previously allocated to the organization or individual student.

    The Council may fully or partially fund your request.  The decision of the Council is ultimately discretionary and final.

    Funding Requirements

    Organizations that receive funding must indicate GSC sponsorship in their publicity efforts.

    • The organization receiving funding must display the GSC logo at a sponsored event when possible.
    • Failure to do so will be a factor in determining future GSC support and will result in a complete or partial deduction of approved funds at the discretion of the GSC.

    Contact GSC Vice Chair of Marketing and Communications, Kim Francin for artwork files (.jpeg, .eps).

    • Organizations are required to make an effort to publicize their events to the entire graduate student community when appropriate.
    • GSC funds may not be used to purchase or distribute alcohol.
    • Organizations/individuals must complete a short blog (125-300 words) reflecting on the program, the benefit to graduate students and application of learning to your work/life as a graduate student. The blog will be posted on the GSC website.