Grounds and Landscaping


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     Gardening for Wildlife


     Mason Bees 

    Mason Bees - Learn about this native bee, how it can help you in the garden, and what you can do to attract it.

      Birds on Campus

    Birds on Campus -  Brief descriptions of the birds we see regularly on campus.  

      Urban Food Initiative

    Urban Food Initiative  - learn about Seattle University's commitment to helping those in need in our community by adding food bearing plants and trees on campus.

     Stinging Insects

    Stinging Insects  - You might stop and wonder at signs on campus that caution you about yellow jacket, wasp, or bumble bee nests nearby. Why not just call the pest terminator and get rid of them?

     Wounded Bird

     Wounded Bird on Campus  -  A couple of alert students brought this wounded bird (a Golden-crowned Kinglet) to our office.   Learn how to avoid window collisions and what to do with injured birds.  


    Sequoia Report - Read about the Grounds Dept staff's efforts to protect the health of this iconic tree. 

     Leaf Litter

     Leaf Litter! - Why is it so important in the cycle of life in the garden? Read an article by written by student Annie Schneider.