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Facilities Master Plan

Outcomes of the Facilities Master Planning Process

  • After months of meetings with constituents and analysis the Facilities Master Plan team has created a plan to guide the future development of Seattle University's campus. During the first phase of the planning process, the team identified issues and characteristics involving Seattle University. These findings can be viewed under Topics of Discussion.

    The initial analysis was brought back to constituents for their input. The outcome is a document with two phases identifying campus growth needs. Each potential project is dependent on time, need and funding. The plan is to be used as a guide and resource to meet the facilities needs of the campus.

    The plan focuses on six goals.

    • Strengthen the vitality of the academic community and the setting for student life.
    • Enhance the University's mission, identity and visibility within the community.
    • Create a gracious arrival experience and accommodation for visitors and part-time students.
    • Establish a unified campus character for the University.
    • Assure the capacity to meet foreseeable and long term space needs.
    • Enhance the University's sustainable practices.

    Phase I focuses development along the lower 11th Avenue mall and its connection with the 12th Avenue Urban Village. A few of the potential projects are: housing, the Library project, scaling down the mall, an addition to the Bannan building, parking under Logan Field and an expansion next to the Law School.

    Phase II focuses on developing the 10th Avenue mall and connecting to the Broadway arterial. These projects include interior renovations, upgrades to buildings, and activation of the landscape behind the Administration building and Casey building.

    The renderings to the right demonstrate how the campus could look in the future and how to attain the above goals. The final document includes these visual aids, explanations, the history of Seattle University's development, and goals.

    More Information

    Additional questions about the Facilities Master Plan can be directed to Colleen Pike.