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    The mission of Seattle University requires that that the physical development of the campus is done in an intentional manner consistent with its academic programs, student requirements, and Jesuit tradition.

    The University retained a planning team of SRG Partnership (architecture) and Walker Macy (landscape) to assist in the development of a Facilities Master Plan, which is a tool designed to guide our decisions about building use, landscaping, traffic flow, and other issues over the next twenty years.

    The Facilities Master Plan Final Document embodies Seattle University's land, building and space use vision and goals from 2006 to 2026. The document is broken into three major sections: Summary, Analysis, and Master Plan. The Summary presents a compact overview of the goals, processes, and outcomes of the Master Plan. The next section, the Analysis, evaluates the current and future needs and opportunities of the campus. The final section, the Master Plan, takes the information given in the analysis and presents the institutional goals and the steps needed to achieve those goals.

    Due to the document's large file size, the Facilities Master Plan has been broken down into several smaller sections. The breakdown is as follows:



    Master Plan

    Process & Schedule

    The project took approximately nine months starting with the arrival of proposals to the adoption by the Board of Trustees.

    Topics of Discussion

    Several issues emerged meeting after meeting regarding the Seattle University Campus. Subjects included: security and lighting concerns; the positive and negative impact of the campus edges; movement across and through campus; and several others. For additional information on these such issues, please click here to visit our topics of discussion page.

    Project Outcomes & Final Plan

    After over 100 meetings with user groups and a year of analysis, SRG/Walker Macy and Facilities Services developed the Facilities Master Plan. The document holds over 90 pages of analysis, summaries and goals to help create a sustainable and community focused Jesuit institution.


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