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Master Plans

Master Plans

  • A master plan is valued both for the the process it takes to create one and the end result itself. The process forces us to ask what the university values, what its goals are, and how to best reach those goals. The final document is a reference guide and road map that guides decision making.

    Master Plans

    Facilities Master Plan 2006-2026 || Finished April 2007

    Establishes priorities and goals for land, building and space use over a twenty year period that both guides campus development and serves as a concept plan for the development of the University’s Major Institutional Master Plan.

     Major Institutional Master Plan || Completed

    A comprehensive land use plan that guides campus developments over the next 15 to 20 years and follows the codes and measures of the Seattle City government.   The final Compiled Major Institution Master Plan was approved by the City in spring 2013.

    Additional Master Plans

    • Housing Master Plan
    • Sustainability Master Plan

    For more information on Facilities planning, please contact Colleen Pike.

    Last updated: 04/17/2015