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Academic Adjustments

  • Academic adjustments are modifications in how students participate in classes and activities. These modifications allow students to meet standards, but do not change them. Academic adjustments give students equal access to the educational opportunities of the University.

    Some examples are:

    • Course readings in alternate formats such as audio-tape, Braille, and enlarged print.
    • Extended time on tests.
    • Shared class notes.
    • Maintenance of full-time status for financial aid purposes with reduced course load.
    • Modifications needed to participate in out-of class educational opportunities such as internships and field trips.

    How does a student know which academic adjustments to use?

    Students discuss their past educational experiences, current issues and medical or psychological test results with the Director of Disabilities Services.

    The need for each academic adjustment must be supported by the medical or psychological testing provided by the student.

    How do students know if they qualify for academic adjustments?

    Students who received academic adjustments in high school or in another college should bring current documents to be reviewed by staff.

    Students with medical of psychological conditions that may interfere with their ability to participate in the classroom can bring medical records, test reports, or letters from their physician or therapist.

    Students can also discuss with Disabilities Services staff the possibility of an undiagnosed disability and find out how to obtain a professional assessment.

    Students must meet with the Director of Disabilities Services before beginning services and provide documentation of disability that fulfills the requirements in the Documentation Policy.

    How do students request academic adjustments?

    Each quarter students should consider their classes and individual needs to decide whether or not to request academic adjustments. Staff can help students plan how to meet college expectations successfully.

    After registering for classes and at least 3 weeks before the end of the quarter, students submit an Academic Adjustment Request Form to Disabilities Services.

    If a student decides to request an academic adjustment that he or she has not used before, it is necessary to discuss the adjustment with the Director of Disabilities Services.

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