Disabilities Services
For Faculty and Staff

Implementing Academic Adjustments

  • The following steps are involved in implementing academic adjustments and aids:

    •  The student meets with Disabilities Services staff to provide documentation of a disability and to request accommodation.
    • Disabilities Services staff determines whether the academic adjustment is supported by appropriate documentation.
    • Disabilities Services staff writes to faculty describing the needed academic adjustment.
    • Faculty consults with Disabilities Services staff or the designated administrator of the school about ways to provide reasonable accommodation*, raising concerns regarding any potentially "unreasonable" academic adjustments. For more information, please see the Procedures for the Implementation of Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities document.
      *An accommodation is “unreasonable” if it requires a change in the essential nature of a course or program creates an administrative “hardship” in implementation significantly compromises the health or safety of the student or others.
    • The student initiates discussion with faculty of any specific support or arrangements needed to access accommodations.
    • Faculty makes adjustments to implement the academic adjustment.
    • Disabilities Services staff provide services and aids, such as interpreters or tape recorders, to support the adjustment.