Dean of Students
Integrity Board

Board Application

  • Applicant Information


    Please provide brief responses (no more than 250 words) answering the following questions:

    Being a part of IBoard requires group cohesiveness. What team leadership skills do you believe you can contribute to the Integrity Board and how have you demonstrated this in other settings?

    How will your participation as a member of a peer judicial board promote civility, citizenship and accountability within the SU community? Please be specific

    Please give an example of a policy (either from work, school, or a club) that you did not agree with, but still understood its rational and upheld.

    How do you define integrity? Why is it important for students to develop a sense of integrity? What is one idea you have for an Integrity Board event or program that would appeal to students?

    What unique perspective/quality will you bring to I-Board? How will this serve the SU community?

    Disciplinary Sanction

    Have you ever been or are you currently under any disciplinary sanction?


    If yes, please explain.


    In order to complete the application, please submit a copy of your resume to Cobretti Williams at The deadline to submit completed applications is Friday, April 4, 2014.