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Adult Learners

Adult Learners

  • Adult Learners are a vibrant part of the Seattle University community bringing to the campus important life experience that enhances the in and out of classroom experience for others.

    Adult Learners often model for other students a strong commitment to their education, an ability to juggle a myriad of responsibilities and a wisdom that comes from additional life experience.

    Adult Learner students are generally defined in the following way:

    • 25 years+ (some use 24+)
    • Married, have families, or are single parents.
    • Working professionals (have not previously completed their degree)
    • Returning students (took a few years off of school)
    • People returning from military service

    Adult Learner students are an increasing presence in higher education. According to an Associated Press report 20.8% of U.S. college and university students in 2001 were age 35 or over and according to U.S. Dept. of Education adult learner (undergrads) represent the fastest-growing student population in the country.

    Resources for Adult Learner Students

    Adult Learners students enrich our campus with a variety of experiences and identities. Due to their unique needs, not all these resources will be available for every student.

    Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE)

    is an international partnership of students, academic professionals, institutions, and organizations whose mission is to encourage and coordinate support, education, and advocacy for the adult learner. For more information on resources for non-traditional students visit their website or their Facebook page at ANTSHE: Association for Non- Traditional Students in Higher Education.

    The Collegia Program

    Collegia spaces offer home-like environments in which students can renew themselves between classes, meet with classmates and faculty in a relaxed setting, have conversations with friends, enjoy a snack or join in a special activity.

    Commuter Meal Plans

    We know that students have unique needs when it comes to dining and food services. When you are not able to bring food with you, a flexible commuter meal plan is flexible enough to meet your needs.

    Lockers and Showers

    Seattle University offers lockers and showers for students who choose to utilize these services to take full advantage of facilities on-campus. Learn more.

    Parking and Transportation

    For students commuting to Seattle University for classes, activities, and programs convienient parking and transportation is a must. We compiled information on both to assit you.

    Off-Campus Housing

    The Deparment of Housing and Residence Life assists Seattle university students by providing a space for students to share off-campus housing opportunities.

    Campus Services

    In addition to programs, events, and services offered by Commuter & Transfer Student Life; the Seattle University community offers a great deal of services and resources to our students. Please visit our campus services page for resources that might assist you during your time at Seattle University.