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Other Social Justice Issues

  • If one of our main areas of interest did not catch your eye, don’t worry! We partner with a wide range of organizations that have lots of opportunities to get you plugged into service. 

    If you are interested in international development, microfinance, immigration, transportation, anti-racism, women’s issues, queer issues, voting rights, or any other social justice issue not specifically mentioned here, we support your engagement! In the CSCE, we are always happy to talk with you one-on-one about your interests and where you might find a good fit for service or an internship with a non-profit. Stop in anytime!

    • Take part in an immersion. Though our immersions are primarily based around one topic, there are always overlapping social justice issues. Add your interest and your lens to the conversation!
    • Learn how to create systemic change on social justice issues through our Advocacy Skills Training
    • Come chat with us! We will help you find a great organization where you can dive into your interest area.

    Volunteer with one of our fantastic community partners. Check out our partners on the list below. When you find one that interests you, contact the volunteer coordinator to get started!

    Community Partners

     Faith-Based Community Partners

    If you're interested in exploring the intersection of faith and service, consider serving with one of our faith-based partners.


    Contact Jimmy McCarty, Campus Minister for Social Justice, for more opportunities to explore the intersection of faith and service.