Center for Service and Community Engagement
Children and Youth

Children's Literacy Project

  • The Children's Literacy Project was created by Seattle University Jesuits in 1990 as part of SU's centennial celebration. It started with small cadre of 17 Seattle U students reading with children at the local elementary school, and over time it steadily grew to 350 SU students tutoring and mentoring over 1,600 youth in six neighborhood schools each year.   After nineteen years of being housed within the College of Education, in 2010-2011 the CLP merged with the Center for Service and Community Engagement to concentrate our efforts on the Seattle University Youth Initiative.   The merge significantly enhanced our capacity to offer high quality academic assistance and mentoring to students grades K-12, as well as our capacity to provide our university students with more meaningful service opportunities.

    As the Children's Literacy Project expanded services to include support for high school students in their pursuit of college and career, we began to outgrow our name, and thus we began to refer to our array of supports as the SUYI K-12 Programs. Though the Children's Literacy Project's name has evolved, our goals remain the same: to provide academic support and encouragement to children and youth so that they may succeed and thrive in school, and to influence the lives and values of our SU volunteers, helping them to develop an ethic of civic engagement.