Center for Service and Community Engagement
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Children and Youth

  • Do you share a passion for education equity? Are you interested in helping to close the opportunity gap for neighborhood youth?  Do your career goals include working with children or teens? 

    If yes, the CSCE will help you connect to a Seattle University Youth K-12 Partner School, or one of our preschool programs -Jumpstart and ROLE, or a Community-based Youth Serving Organization.


    Support 3-5 year old children before they enter kindergarten by getting involved in our CSCE preschool programs.

    Youth Initiative K-12 Program

    Support kids and teens by becoming a mentor, becoming a tutor or by helping out in a classroom in one of our Seattle University Youth Initiative (SUYI) K-12 Partner Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

    Community-Based Youth-Serving Organizations

    Are you interested in working with youth outside of a school building?


    The CSCE also offers a leadership program for those who are interested in taking their passion to the next level.  Be an advocate for a more equitable education system.

  • Building relationships with the students is the best part of the program. You get to know them, and that relationship is extremely important. You learn to be a role model and learn valuable leadership skills, as well as how to be accountable and adaptable.

    SUYI K-12 Volunteer