Center for Service and Community Engagement
I Want to be a Leader

Partners for Action & Community (PAC)

  • Explore social justice issues and engage SU students in the community through this leadership development program. 

    The program has three components:

    • Members lead a project related to a social justice issue of personal interest. See the list of project areas below.
    • As a part of the program, students participate in a fall and spring retreat, and a one-day winter leadership institute. Members attend regular Community Nights (approximately 3 – 4 Sunday evenings per quarter.) These retreats and community nights provide students with skills training and opportunities for in-depth reflection about justice and their engagement. 
    • Members commit to 3 – 5 hours of service each week at an organization of the students’ choosing. 

    Project areas include:

    • Education Equity - Peer Educator
    • Education Equity - Advocacy
    • Family Engagement 
    • Just Serve 
    • Labor of Love Service Days 
    • Immersions 
    • Service-Learning

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