Center for Service and Community Engagement
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Student Leaders for the Common Good

  • Student Leaders for the Common Good (SLCG) is a year-long leadership development program for 16 undergraduate students that explores issues of social justice while engaging SU students in the community.

    The program has three components:

    • Members lead projects such as Labor of Love, a quarterly one day service event; week-long service immersions (issue areas include homelessness, sustainability, immigration, and Northwest Native culture;) and a two quarter service-learning course about the Seattle University Youth Initiative.
    • As a part of the program, students participate in a fall and spring retreat, and a one-day winter leadership institute. Members attend regular Community Nights (approximately 3 – 4 Sunday evenings per quarter.) These retreats and community nights provide students with skills training and opportunities for in-depth reflection about justice and their engagement.
    • Members commit to 3 – 5 hours of service each week at an organization of the students’ choosing.

    Within SLCG, we have several positions:

    •  Community Advocates for Service-Learning (CASL):  These student leaders strengthen relationships with select community partners and build capacity within the organizations.  CASLs serve as liaisons for service-learning classes in order to improve the quality of the experience for students, faculty, and community partners.  They also assist with project development, facilitate group reflection sessions, and engage in direct service at their host organization.  Throughout their involvement, CASLs develop leadership and civic engagement skills and knowledge.
    •  Immersion Leaders: The CSCE has four immersions over school breaks.  The immersion leaders plan and lead the immersion from start to finish, lead at least 3 prep meetings in the quarter leading up to the immersion, and follow up with an advocacy activity with their group after the immersion.  Throughout the year, immersion leaders will deeply engage in the topic of their immersion, learn planning and organizing skills, and get introduced to the world of social justice advocacy.  Find out more information about the different immersions.
    •  Labor of Love Leaders:  This quarterly day of service is a fantastic way to students to get introduced to service, learn about new organizations, and ignite a spark for social change!  Leaders will plan and implement one day of service per quarter.  Through partnership with clubs and other groups on campus, working with community partners, and planning the event, these leaders will gain invaluable skills.
    •  SUYI Leadership Seminar Facilitators:  These students will co-teach an experiential service-learning class during winter and spring quarters that explores the interconnected social justice issues of the Seattle University Youth Initiative.  Through planning and leading events and facilitating regular small group discussions, these leaders will become master facilitators over the course of the year.  A preferred prerequisite for this experience is to have taken the SUYI Leadership Seminar in a previous year.