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Student Leaders for Education Equity

  • Student Leaders for Education Equity (SLEEq) is a year-long leadership development program for 16 undergraduate students that explores issues of education equity while engaging SU students in the Seattle University Youth Initiative (SUYI).

    The program has three components:

    • Members engage in recruiting SU students to serve in the K-12 partner schools of the Seattle University Youth Initiative, organize on-campus events such as movie nights and panels for the SU community, and take part in education equity advocacy efforts.
    • As a part of the program, students participate in a fall and spring retreat, and a one-day winter leadership institute. Members attend regular Community Nights (approximately 3 – 4 Sunday evenings per quarter.) These retreats and community nights provide students with skills training and opportunities for in-depth reflection about justice and their engagement.
    • Members commit to 3 – 5 hours of service each week in one of the Seattle University Youth Initiative partner schools.

    Within SLEEq, we have several positions:

    •  Family Engagement Programs: Take on leadership in one of our programs that supports SUYI families and parents such as Literacy Kits, Family Talk Time (an ELL program), and the Strengthening Families Program (an internationally recognized parenting program).
    •  Advocacy: Raise awareness of policy at the state and national level regarding issues of education equity organize visits to Olympia, letter-writing campaigns, and/or coordinate with other nonprofits to increase awareness on campus.
    •  Attainment: Coordinate and facilitate College Visit Days for SUYI partner school programs.
    •  Action: Assist with recruitment of SUYI tutors and serve learners for placement in partner schools (Bailey Gatzert Elementary, Washington Middle School, and Garfield High School), including recruitment events. 
    •  Awareness: Plan awareness-raising events on campus, including film screenings and panel discussions, passive programming etc., to bridge campus and community and deepen awareness and knowledge of education equity.