Center for Service and Community Engagement

Moderate an Immersion Trip

  • Accompany students on an immersion trip and explore social justice issues! The CSCE has an opportunity for one staff member per immersion trip to serve as a moderator.

    Immersion Trips offer students opportunities to explore social, cultural and environmental issues affecting our regional communities. Each immersion experience provides a different focus for serving and learning.

    Students experience direct contact with the community through service providers, engage in conversations with community leaders, and integrate their experiences through individual reflection and group discussion. These often life-changing moments enable students to grow into leaders who can address real community needs and create social change.

    We have four immersion trip opportunities for SU Students:

    Home for the Holidays(first week of winter break): Home for the Holidays is a six-day service immersion during the first week of winter break. Students participate in direct service at social service agencies in Seattle and explore what "home" means for different people. Focusing largely on issues of homelessness, this immersion takes place right in Seattle.  

    Dignity, Justice, and Work (spring break): During this spring break immersion trip, participants explore issues related to immigration and the rights of immigrant farmworkers. The immersion takes place in Washington’s Yakima Valley.

    Northwest Native Life (spring break): During this immersion, students engage in cultural activities, talk with community leaders, learn about ancient and contemporary Native American history and lifeways. This immersion takes place in Seattle and the northern parts of Western Washington.

    Earth, Air, and Water (spring break): Over spring break, the students on this immersion explore issues of environmental justice, sustainability, and the impact humans have on the environment. This immersion takes place in the greater Seattle area.

    What does it mean to be a moderator?

    Immersion moderators accompany the immersion participants on the trip. The moderator’s role is to support the student leaders of the trip by helping to drive the van, assist with logistics throughout the week, and to regularly check in with the student leaders about group dynamics. The moderator does not plan or lead the immersion – this is the job of the student leaders. The moderator is simply another experienced set of eyes to help out the leaders and support the participants. Our hope is that the moderator will fully engage with the activities and the reflections on the immersion (including the pre-meetings,) and use the opportunity as a learning experience for themselves.

    What kind of commitment am I making?

    As the moderator, our expectation is that you will attend the pre-meetings in the weeks leading up to the immersion with the group. We also expect that you attend and fully participate in the immersion itself (including overnights.)

    Your community service leave benefit can be used for this purpose, and there is no immersion trip cost in exchange for your service.

    How do I get involved?

    Email Kelly Benkert ( if you are interested and she will work with you to determine if there is an immersion that fits with your schedule and area of interest.