Center for Service and Community Engagement

Deleena Patton

  • Deleena Patton
    Data Analyst
    Phone: 206-220-8246

    What is your role?

    As data analyst I am responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting on data pertaining to the Seattle University Youth Initiative.

    What is your favorite part about working at the CSCE?

    My favorite part of working at the CSCE is the strong sense of community that surrounds the Center. The CSCE itself provides a wonderful and welcoming community for students and staff. Beyond that, the Center’s robust connection to the neighborhood surrounding SU and to the educational community in Seattle and the Puget Sound region is very inspiring.

    What is your professional and educational background?

    I received my BA from Claremont McKenna College, my MA from the University of Washington, and am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Washington. My research examines how early educational experiences lead to disparate life trajectories across racial/ethnic groups. My interest in these topics stems from my experience teaching 2nd grade in Oakland, California.

    What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

    My favorite meal is a double-double from In-N-Out. It’s probably one of the things I miss most about California.