Center for Service and Community Engagement

Mission, Vision and Goals

  • Mission

    The Center for Service and Community Engagement connects the campus and the wider community through sustained partnerships in order to deepen student learning, create a culture of service, and promote a more just and humane world.

    Vision Statement

    Drawing upon the words of Rev. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach S.J., the Center for Service and Community Engagement recognizes that, “when the heart is touched by direct experience, the mind may be challenged to change.” With this in mind, the Center’s vision is to build a seamless web of interconnection between the educational programs of Seattle University and the needs and assets of the wider community. In doing so, the Center will inspire the next generation of reflective, creative, compassionate and just leaders.


    The Center for Service and Community Engagement has two main goals:

    1. To form and empower leaders for a just and humane world, and 
    2. To foster positive action and improvement within the campus and the wider community.

    To pursue these goals, the Center works collaboratively with campus and community partners to implement programs in the following four areas:

    Community Partnerships

    With the needs of the community as its priority, the Center develops significant and sustainable community partnerships with a particular focus on neighborhoods adjacent to the University.

    Academic Service-Learning

    The Center promotes the connection between academic learning and community engagement by supporting faculty, students, and community partners involved in service-learning courses.

    Student Leadership through Service

    Recognizing the developmental process of leadership formation, the Center nurtures student leaders through a variety of intentionally designed co-curricular projects to help them become more effective at leading in the community.

    Campus Collaboration

    The Center promotes communication and collaboration between campus offices and departments in order to strengthen the University's ability to impact the wider community positively.