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International Student Admission

  • Following is a list of policies and forms that pertains to the admittance of International students to Seattle University.  Clicking on any link in the list below takes users to a brief description of the policy/form and a link where it can be downloaded and printed.

    English Proficiency Admission Policy (2008-1)

    Most applicants for whom English is a not the first/native language must demonstrate English proficiency regardless of English language studies, academic history, residence in the United States or other English-speaking countries, or of immigration status.

    International Baccalaureate Policy (99-1)

    The International Baccalaureate Organization, a chartered foundation under the Swiss civil code, has promoted a common curriculum and university entry credential for geographically mobile students. Seattle University grants recognition and possible credit to students who have completed courses in an IB program.

    International Student Admission Policy (76-6)

    International applicants must meet the general admission requirements of Seattle University. Review this policy to understand what is required, and what exceptions can be made depending on one’s educational background.

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