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Auditing a Class

  • The option to audit a course is available for students who wish to take a course for content only, not for credit. Since you receive no credit, audited courses will not count towards any degree requirements. You will receive a “Y” grade on your transcript which does not affect your grade point average.

    Graduate courses, lab courses, independent study courses and courses which require one-on-one instruction are generally not available for audit. The level of participation permitted or expected by auditors is determined by each instructor.

    To audit a course, choose the audit option when you register for the course on SU Online. If planning to audit a course, contact Student Financial Services for Tuition and fees.

    Auditing An Undergraduate Course Policy (97-7)

    Audit is a grading option chosen by a student wishing to enroll in a course for the content only, not for the credit. Not all classes can be taken Audited.

    Elder Audit

    With instructor and department permission, non-students and non-alumni aged 60 and above may audit most undergraduate lecture courses. Participants in the Elder Audit program will not receive credit or grades for audited courses, and a transcript will not be produced for any audited course work. 

    Elder Audit Application Form

    Auditors should return the form to the Office of the Registrar, and pay for the course at the Student Financial Services Office in the University Services Building.

    Alumni Audit

    With instructor and department permission, Seattle University alumni may audit most undergraduate lecture courses. You will not receive credit or grades for audited course. Audited courses will not appear on your transcripts. 

    To register for a course, or for more information about alumni audit, contact Alumni Relations.

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