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Vox Populi: How are you reducing your impact on the earth?

Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth BlogWhat is a creative way in which you are reducing your impact on the earth?

Send your response to The first ten faculty and staff to respond will receive a reusable Commons tote bag.

Helen Sernett, assistant director of annual giving:

I don’t know if it’s creative but here’s what I’m doing: I compost; I recycle; I reuse; I grow my own food organically; I carpool; I take the train and walk to work; I order my produce that I don’t grow online from and only order food that they mark as ‘local’; I harvest windfalls in my neighborhood; I don’t wash my car that often; I don’t run the water when I brush my teeth; I try not to print pages unnecessarily; I use rags rather than paper towels; I buy mostly organic; I buy eco-friendly detergents.

Jasmina Kostich, adjunct faculty legal administrative assistant, School of Law:

I dig down in the recycling bin and take out used paper and cut it up  into small squares. I write on these at my desk or if someone needs to write down something, I give them to the person. That way, the paper is being used once again…

Susan Matt, assistant professor of nursing, writes:

I was in the habit of using paper towels to dry fruits and vegetables when I washed them.  I changed that and now I use a cloth towel that I change every evening and wash once a week.  I also use cloths to clean the counters in my kitchen and the table rather than paper towels, which was my practice before.

Elizabeth Sikes, adjunct professor of philosophy:

Get rid of water coolers and install filters on fountains and other public faucets!

Doug Duncan, associate university counsel:

I don’t exhale.

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