New e-Accounts feature makes it easier to use your campus card

You know how you've had to traipse over to the University Services Building or the Student Center just to add money to your campus card? Well, traipse no more…actually, keep traipsing-it's good for you-but not to add money to your campus card. Those ATM-style Value Transfer Stations are going away. In their place, the university has launched a convenient, web-based feature called eAccounts that will let you securely add money to your campus card accounts and manage your transactions. All you have to do to get going is register online

"For students, this is huge," says Chuck Porter, chief information officer. "And it is a nice feature for faculty and staff who buy meals, shop in the bookstore or make copies using their campus card." 

Another helpful feature of eAccounts is that it allows you to disable your campus card in case it's lost or stolen. And here's something that students, in particular, will like: eAccounts allows you to give third parties (think parents!) to add money into meal plans and campus card accounts. 

The e-Accounts feature is part of a wider effort to enhance SU's campus card system. This summer the Office of Information Technology replaced the aging infrastructure to improve the system's reliability and performance.

CONTACT: Chuck Porter.

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