"Maximize Your Leadership Potential" - Seminar offered Oct. 19

Be the kind of leader our world needs today: Leadership development is an increasing need in our world today. The problems are seemingly more complex and there is a greater need to be adaptive and innovative. It is clear that leadership is not only for those with certain titles or pay grades. We all have the potential to lead and support the mission of our organization in meaningful and impactful ways. We are all leaders and we can develop our skills and abilities to make a difference in our organizations and our world (Lowney, Heroic Leadership, 2003). This experiential workshop will:

• Highlight the leadership principles of self-awareness, ingenuity, love and heroism.

• Offer practical approaches for individualized leadership development.

• Assist you in identifying and responding to opportunities for leadership.

For more information, visit Institute of Public Service or contact Danielle Potter at potterd@seattleu.edu.

CONTACT: Danielle Potter.

DATE OF EVENT: Friday, Oct. 19
EVENT TIME: 8 a.m.-noon
EVENT LOCATION: Casey Building 5th Floor, Commons

AUDIENCE: Faculty , Staff