Campus Card improvements on their way

As Chief Information Officer Chuck Porter recently announced, the university is installing an new campus card system, to significantly increase its reliability and provide more flexibility for adding money to our campus cards. Following is the full text of Porter's announcement.

"Over the last several months, Seattle University has been working on an upgrade of the Campus Card System.  This upgrade will go live over the next few weeks and will change how you add money to your Campus Card.  

During the next few weeks, we'll be updating the Campus Card software on our servers, and replacing many of the card readers around the campus. These include readers on doors and vending machines. It will dramatically improve the reliability of the system and will set the stage for the introduction of new services.   

Access to card-secured doors should be uninterrupted, though you may notice technicians working in your area.  Some vending machines and laundry rooms in residence halls will be cash-only between June 11th and June 25th.  Lastly, some copy machines may briefly be unavailable on the morning of June 11th. 

Today, when you want to add money to your meal plan, your personal copy account, for doing laundry, or any other reason, you might go to University Services to use one of the Value Transfer Stations (VTS).  These VTS machines will be going away. 

Later this month, we're introducing a new service called "eAccounts".  This means you'll be able to transfer funds onto your Campus Card 24/7, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.  Further, the new service will let you give others, such as family members, a safe and secure way of adding money to your Campus Card.  We'll send more information about eAccounts in the near future.  

In preparation for bringing the new eAccounts service online, the old VTS readers in University Services will be taken out of service on June 11th.  From then until the new eAccounts service becomes available around June 25th, you'll need to go to Student Financial Services (SFS) to add additional value onto your card. Signage on the machines will remind you. 

Making this improvement to Campus Card has involved considerable planning and technical work. We expect the upgrade to go smoothly and any inconvenience to be minimal. We will notify the campus promptly of any changes in dates. We appreciate your understanding as we transition from the old system to the new."


AUDIENCE: Faculty , Staff , Students

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