Irreconcilable Conflict and Political Deadlock: A Deep Dialogue with the Interfaith Amigos

What if greater spiritual awareness is the prerequisite to any effective healing of the major challenges of our time? What impacts might that have nationally and internationally? Come to this deep dialogue with Imam Jamal Rahman, Pastor Don Mackenzie and Rabbi Ted Falcon, collectively known as the Interfaith Amigos. The Interfaith Amigos explore the spiritual roots of their traditions as a way toward true interfaith dialogue and collaboration. They focus on the inner work required for any significant outer change to last. The Interfaith Amigos are known for their unique blend of spiritual wisdom and humor. They address the usual taboos of interfaith dialogue-the "awkward" parts of each tradition-in order to create a more authentic conversation. For more information about the Interfaith Amigos, visit

CONTACT: Andrew Shiotani.

DATE OF EVENT: Wednesday, April 17
EVENT TIME: 7 -9 p.m.
EVENT LOCATION: Pigott Auditorium

AUDIENCE: Faculty , Staff , Students