Faculty and staff milestones to be celebrated at 2013 Appreciation Celebration

Faculty and staff milestones to be celebrated at 2013 appreciation celebration

Seattle University's annual appreciation party for faculty and staff will be held from noon to 3 p.m. on Friday, May 31, at the Connolly Center North Court. All faculty and staff are invited and encouraged to attend the event to recognize members of the SU community who are receiving special awards and emeritus or emerita status.  Faculty and staff who are planning to retire will also be honored. If you have 25 or more years of service, are planning to retire during calendar year 2013 and would like to be recognized at the celebration, contact Isa Chong at 296-5866 or send an e-mail to employeeappreciationevent@seattleu.edu. If possible, send your response by April 5.

Employees who have completed 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 years of service during calendar year 2013 will be honored at the event. Below is a list of faculty and staff who are celebrating five-year mile-stone anniversaries. Anyone with additions or corrections to the list below should contact Isa Chong at employeeappreciationevent@seattleu.edu. Also let her know if you prefer for your name to appear differently in the program.

40 Years: William Weis

35 Years: Gary Atkins, Phyllis Brazier, Karen Butts, Byron Lynch, A. Robert Menanteaux, Chris Rideout and Lee Risbell

30 Years: Richard Bird, D.C. Clausen, Robert Deltete, John Foster, S.J., Karen Lawrence, Binh Le, David Leigh, S.J., and Donna Turner

25 Years: Janet Ainsworth, Constance Anthony, Xusheng Chen, Daniel Dombrowski, Ki Gottberg, S. Kathleen La Voy, Ilona Legesse, Paula Lustbader, Alvin Moser, Jeanette Rodriguez, Thomas Taylor and Rita Tower

20 Years: Terry Cicero, Nirmala Gnanapragasam, Jacqueline Helfgott, Nalini Iyer, Joshua Lee, Diana Luna, Gregory Mason, Yen Ngo, Larry Nichols, Gregory Prussia and Nel Sea

15 Years: Danica Cullen, Rommel Dela, Cruz Bac Do, Theresa Earenfight, Peter Ely, S.J.,  Catherine Grothe, Jack Kirkwood, Mike Mullen, Mary Odegaard, Peter Raven, Terry Read, Daniel Smith, Lauren St. Pierre, Sheila Underwood, Laurie Wells and Donna Whitford

10 Years: Nadeje Alexandre, Erin Beary Andersen, Dhorea Brown, Emily Butler, Katherine Camacho Carr, Lynn Erickson, Pema Gadhe, Marilyn Gist, Lyn Gualtieri, Laura Hauck, Sonora Jha, Stacey Jones, Melody Kadlub-Barr, Naomi Kasumi, Bruce Koch, Kari Langsea, Peter Larson, Quan Le, Jennifer Loertscher, Eugene Lunoff, Michael Mabie, Andrea McDowell, David Murphy, Mark Murray, David Neel, Maria Pettinato, Elizabeth Pilati, Frank Shih, Al  Sims, Pamela Taylor, Freda Thompson, Charles Tung and Riva Zeff

5 Years: Robert Alsdorf, Edward Andrich, Thomas Antkowiak, Amber Archibald, Amber Atkins, Terri Bell, Matthew Benedict, Robert Boehler, Robert Bourke, Nanette Bradshaw, Bonnie Buchanan, Francisco Bujanda, Matthew Bussman, Robert Chang, Isa Chong, Thorne Clayton-Falls, Marc Cohen, Pamela Coury, Isiaah Crawford,  Lynn Deeken, Richard Delgado, Caroline Durocher, Shawn Farrell, Colleen Fettig, Mark Frisby, Erin Fullner, Thomas Garcia, Leigh Ann Gilmer, Mary Graham, Sari Graven, John Green, Leticia Guardiola-Saenz, Joshua Hammar, Julie Harms Cannon, Donny Harrel, Hilary Hawley, Randall Horton, Benjamin Howe, Gerald Huffman, Tiffany Jasperson, Juana Jasso, Won Kidane, W H Knight, Fumiyo Kobayashi, Mindy Kohanski, Lauren Lawson, Richard LeBlanc, Jinyoul Lee, Yitan Li, Tamara Long, Fe Lopez, Henry Louie, Margi Luttrell, Leslie MacKrell, Randy Maedgen, Luci Masredjian, Susan Matt, Stasha McBride, Dan McKnight, Amy Mikulsky, Natasha Murphy, Stephanie Nichols, Kathleen O'Brien, Charles O'Kelley, Christopher Paul, Stephen Rice, Annemarie Riese, Ruth Sanoy, Tatiana Saroca, Mark Schoen, Richard Schreiner, Gregory Scully, Michelle Seo, Leo Simpson, Aileah Slepski, Samuel Song, Dean Spade, Jean Stefancic, Brendon Taga, Sophia Tam, Jocelyn Tidwell, Galen Trail, Elisabeth Voigt,  Luke Ware, William Winter, Lisa Young and Mary Yu

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