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Anchored by Jesuit values

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ScottGrimm_400In 2008, Scott Grimm (political science, '81) and a fellow diver discovered a 900-pound anchor believed to be lost by the HMS Chatham as it passed through Puget Sound on the Vancouver Expedition in the 1790s.  

Right before the anchor was hoisted out of the water in June, Grimm made one last visit to the scene of the discovery, as shown in the picture here, which he recently shared. "It was a thrill of a lifetime and very emotional for me," says Grimm. "I wanted to make sure that Seattle University was noted, for the Jesuits were very influential in developing my passion for history."  

As Grimm said in a May 2014 interview with Seattle Met, "(T)he Jesuits have always taught to question assumptions. I had a great priest who once told me, 'Ninety-eight percent of all the scientists thought that Isaac Newton was wrong. You have to always approach life with the assumption that things aren't right until you prove that they are.'"

Youth Initiative impact illustrated

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This infographic-based video speaks to the reciprocally beneficial bond between Seattle University and its neighborhood through the Youth Initiative.


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If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to watch this fun video of Michael Hart, a 1998 graduate of the Albers School’s MBA program. Hart, who is profiled in the current SU Magazine is a financial planner—and a magician.

Summer 2014 photo album

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A big thank you to everyone who shared pictures of what they were up to--in some cases, way, way up--this past summer. Enjoy!

The Milky Way, compliments of our CIO

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Yes, this is real! Chuck Porter, chief information officer, shot this time-lapse of the Milky Way setting in the midnight sky over Mt. Rainier. Enjoy and watch for more summer shots from our colleagues in a future edition.

Service Day 2014 on video and in pictures

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Thank you to Jamie Peterson, Penny Kimmel and Keith Walberg for the videography and editing of these scenes from last month’s Service Day.

Here are some pictures that University Photographer Chris Kalinko took at Faculty and Staff Service Day on Aug. 14. About 140 employees volunteered at nine sites throughout the neighborhood assisting partner organizations with a variety of projects.

ECE students in action

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Gary Fernandes, laboratory manager in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, shares this behind-the-scenes glimpse at how SU’s students are helping to solve the problems of the day.