What Would You Say to Ignatius?

Faculty and staff invited to "speak" to the founder of Jesuit education

Story by: Mike Thee
Published: 2011-07-25

UPDATE:  Scroll down for additional comments left in 2012. 

This week we celebrate the Feast of St. Ignatius. Since his actual feast day is Sunday, July 31, the SU Jesuits are welcoming us to celebrate this Friday, with a breakfast at the Arrupe Residence from 8:30 to 10 a.m. and a mass in the chapel at noon. Vox Populi: What would say to Ignatius or ask him if you had lunch with him today?

Robert Heeren, College of Science and Engineering, writes:

Who are you? Why is it so few of my students know you?

Joyce Allen, Registrar's Office, writes:  

You could not know the powerful and compassionate society you birthed. Seeing where your work has taken root, what do you see as your greatest accomplishment and what would you have done differently?

Arthur Fisher, Matteo Ricci College:

You really need to show up more.

Sue Hogan, School of Theology and Ministry:

Pat (Whitney) raises excellent questions (below), particularly #2. Rather than phrase it as an either/or situation, how would Ignatius help us to develop and improve higher education curriculum to better work with the less priviledged amongst us? What are the responsibilities of servant leadership?

Mike Mullen, Facilities:

Leggo my ego (eggo)

Annie Beckmann, Marketing Communications:

Where would we all be today if your mule had taken the other fork in the road?

Pat Whitney, College of Science and Engineering:

If I could, I would ask any of the following: (1)  In a time when the Jesuits are besieged by myriad challenges which clearly affect their leadership and ministries, how would you re-shape the Society of Jesus to better serve as “men for others” in the 21st century? (2) Do you feel that the best place for the Jesuits of the 21st century is in the colleges and universities of the world or should they return to their roots, primarily working with and for the poor? (3) Would you change any of the recruitment and formation processes of the Society? If so, how?

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO IGNATIUS? Share your thoughts with The Commons.



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I would thank him for the rules for discernment, as those have kept me out of trouble more than once. And I would have asked about why he decided against having women in the Society.
(7/17/2012 2:18:42 PM, Gayle Sommerfeld )