SU's second Rhodes Scholar Ryan Sawyer talks about his time at the university and life since graduating

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Not quite three years ago, he opened Viewpoint Capital Management in Madrona, just a few blocks from his home.

"It's a medieval village life," he says with a contented smile. His children Nora, 7, and John, 10, attend school nearby. His wife Jane now designs housewares for her company Jane Domestic.

He describes his investment philosophy in terms such as "thoughtful contrarianism" and he concedes he's picky about his clients.

"I only work with people I like. Most are in their 40s. A lot are in technology. They're very bright," he says. "Some like to debate and challenge my ideas and that makes it even better."

Father Cobb suggests that Sawyer's livelihood-at both Amazon and as an independent financial consultant-has called upon every aspect of his SU education. The way Coach Fewing sees it, what stood out about Sawyer was his quickness, tenacity, drive and motivation as a soccer player.

"He was a smart and scrappy player, a good shooter," Fewing says. "He would have done well as a starter on any of the championship teams."

Soccer continues to be a big part of Sawyer's life. Every Wednesday he plays with a soccer team that's been together since 1997. He coaches soccer for both of his children's teams, too.

He still plays a role in SU soccer. "Ryan has been a great supporter of our team. I really appreciate his support and being around our guys," Fewing says.

This year, Sawyer joined the College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Council. He is also a lifelong evangelist for libraries and a member of the board of directors for the Seattle Public Library Foundation.

Sawyer and his family are part of the Chapel of St. Ignatius community on campus.

"I see him frequently at Mass with his wife Jane and their children," says President Stephen Sundborg, S.J., "and whenever we see one another we ask, 'What are you reading?' He tends to read more literature and novels and I tend to read more nonfiction, but we sort of spark one another in terms of what we read. Great guy."

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