Father Sundborg reflects on 2013-2014 academic year and more, much more

(story continued)

President Sundborg: My great-nephews and my great-nieces see me either once a year or every other year, so they pretty much forget who I am, thankfully, and I have a chance to reinvent myself every year with them. There's six of them now. I find ice cream is helpful to get across how much they love their great uncle. I'm eager to see them… (long pause)  …I'm eager to see them but to have a separate cabin from where they're all living so that I can sneak away to use my Nap App. 

The Commons: So your personal cabin is still intact?

President Sundborg: Yes, but it's threatened. I've got a sister, though, who knows that the priority in her life should be to spoil her priest brother. I think she's getting some high pressure from her kids and one of their families would like to stay in that cabin. 

The Commons: Can you tell us about the girlfriend you had before you entered the Jesuits? 

President Sundborg: Yes, I had a girlfriend when I was in high school. She was the next door neighbor and her name was Popsy Apcar and she was from England. She was a very, very close girlfriend…except I never spoke a word to her. 

The Commons: We better stop there so we have some questions left for next year. Anything else? 

President Sundborg: Well, there is one thing. I saved a person's life this year. 

The Commons: Details, please… 

President Sundborg: I was at a restaurant and a woman at a nearby table started choking on a piece of steak, and I very calmly got up and performed the Heimlich maneuver on her, never having actually seen the Heimlich maneuver, but just sort of knowing generally what it was. Put the old forearm underneath the rib cage, got the other hand under that forearm, three good lifts, and the husband or boyfriend said, "Father, you can stop now, you've dislodged it." People came over to me during the meal and said, "You know, you did save that woman's life-I hope you know that." 

So I came home and I Googled "Heimlich" and learned that it's named for Henry Heimlich who was in Vietnam and developed the "Heimlich" maneuver. And I learned that I had somehow performed it properly. So if people are looking for a companion when they go out to a steakhouse, I'm the guy. And I'm one of these guys, I think of myself as a total klutz! 

The Commons: Well, I guess if it didn't work out so well, you could've administered last rites, so she was covered either way. I assume you ate for free?  

President Sundborg: When we went to pay, the waiter told us that the couple (the woman who was choking and her companion) paid our bill except they paid it before we ordered the coffee and dessert, so the waiter said they'd only charge for the coffee. And afterward, I began to think, that was pretty cheap of that restaurant (laugh), I mean, how would you like Medic One in there with a gurney, wheeling someone out of your restaurant?

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