Father Sundborg reflects on 2013-2014 academic year and more, much more

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President Sundborg: Simon and Garfunkel…Peter, Paul and Mary…John Denver. (Starts crooning "Leaving on a jet plane…")  

The Commons: How about Macklemore, would you consider bringing this 2007 alumnus of Quadstock back to campus?

President Sundborg: I was at a breakfast the other day and they played Macklemore music and I didn't know it was Macklemore. I do know who he is now.

The Commons: Did you recognize the song at all?

President Sundborg: No!

The Commons: How are things over in Arrupe these days? I assume you're still carrying out your duties of getting the coffee made no later than 5 a.m. and "de-boning," as you've called it-or removing all the ads from-the newspapers. Any big changes? 

President Sundborg: Yes, I'm still on coffee and paper duty. We have a new regime at Arrupe because we have a rector from California, so we're trying to teach him to dress Northwest and that's sort of with the wool plaid shirts and suspenders. He's not there yet but we're trying to break him into the Northwest dress, rather than the California casual. 

The Commons: Who's the one person, living or non-living, with whom you'd most like to have coffee or dinner? 

President Sundborg: Besides Meryl (Streep)? 

The Commons: Yeah, let's try someone else-let's move down the list a little bit… 

President Sundborg: (Pause) I think it would be Abraham Lincoln. I mean, what was it that gave him the character that he had? Incredible. I'd love to have him for a log cabin dinner or coffee. 

FatherSteveCardboardCutout_400The Commons: What's it like to be at a Redhawks basketball game, look across the court and see a student holding up a giant cardboard cut-out of your head? 

President Sundborg: First of all, I hope it scares the opponents. And whoever got that picture, it's a very skinny Father Steve, so I see it and I say, "They don't have the double chin there or the jowls." There's some growth yet for that poster. But I was surprised to see it, yes. 

The Commons: Have you gotten back to your home state of Alaska lately? 

President Sundborg: I've never left Alaska. You can take the boy out of Alaska but you can't take Alaska out of the boy. I'm still the dogsled priest in northern Alaska. Haven't been up there this year but I keep connected with Alaska. Our School of Law is branching out to Alaska. 

The Commons: Maybe you could use your tuition remission benefit to pick up a law degree up there someday. 

President Sundborg: That's right. 

The Commons: How many LiVE wellness points did you rack up last year? 

President Sundborg: I think HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) prevents me from answering that. I am alive , so that's one good point. 

The Commons: So I hear "Great Uncle Steve" is venturing back to Lake Winnipesaukee to be with his sister and her family for part of the summer… 

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