2013 McGoldrick Fellow Jeanette Rodriguez combines excellent teaching and scholarship to inspire students and lift up the most marginalized

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Jeanette Rodriguez:  I love to hike. It's aesthetically beautiful here in the state of Washington. I appreciate time to think, time to be, and to do that in the midst of the cathedral of creation, the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The other thing is my family. My family is not here, and so when I do have time off, I try to re-connect with my family. I have seven brothers and sisters and we're all very close.

The Commons:  Is there anything about you that SU's faculty and staff might not know?

Jeanette Rodriguez:  Well, I think a lot of people know this, but I'm a sugar addict. I'm like the police detective in the movie "The Closer"--she always has candy in her drawer. I always have something in my purse, my drawer, whatever.

The Commons:  What's your "go-to" candy?

Jeanette Rodriguez:  Hmm, let's see…I like Sour Skittles.

The Commons:  If you weren't a professor, what line of work do you think you might have chosen?

Jeanette Rodriguez:  If you were to ask anyone that question about me, they would probably say politician, but I would not say that. I'm aware that because of my life experiences, I have become strategic and know how systems work, but I'm not attracted to politics in any way. You know how when you talk to your friends, sometimes you ask them what they played as when they were kids? I think from a very young age, I knew I was a teacher. I love the world of ideas and love the world of books, so I guess if I wasn't teaching, I'd probably want to be a writer but for sure one that not only acquires knowledge but produces it.

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