SU launches Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability to respond to the most pressing challenge of our time

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Another example is the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering's partnership with the Bullitt Foundation, which is constructing the world's greenest office building just a couple blocks from campus at 15th and Madison. "We're going to have students monitoring the building's performance. All of the building's grey water (water from sinks and showers) will be treated by a wetland on the third floor balcony. The students will do the water-quality testing that the Department of Health is requiring."

(The Bullitt Center's building may be more than a focal point of the partnership between the university and the foundation. At this writing, Thompson reports that "The university is currently seeking to house the CEJS in the Bullitt Center." Stay tuned for more information.)

The possibilities are limitless for the center to develop new partnerships, whether across the globe or right here in our community, says Thompson. "Another thing I'm hoping the center will be able to do is strengthen Seattle U's outreach to K-12 students-working with students in summer camps and even throughout the school year on projects that are meaningful to them and their communities."

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