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Air filters

  Filter_AMTQ:  How many air filters on SU's campus are changed out yearly?

 A:  Approximately 4,500 air filters are changed out every year by Yang Kim, HVAC technician in Facilities Services, and his crew in the mechanical shop.

To illustrate just how many filters we're talking about, the list of needed replacements is held up alongside the 6'9" former SU basketball player Louis Green, center, who appears here with fellow 2013 graduates Duffy Stein (left) and Charlie Douglas.

Most of the filters are replaced over the summer, spring and winter breaks. The 4,500 on this list don't include other filters (fuel, etc.) that are also replaced on a regular basis by Facilities staff.

Now that's the unfiltered truth!

 (Photo courtesy of Mike Mullen, Facilities Services)