Conference and Event Services

Faculty and Staff Event Planners

  • Conference and Event Services can assist you by scheduling appropriate locations for events, discussing program flow and room configurations, providing logistical information about parking, catering and audio-visual support, and providing an estimate of event costs or giving budget advice.

    Meeting, Event or Conference?

    In order to make the planning process easier, Conference and Event Services (CES) has come up with terms to help differentiate between the three most usual types of programs requested.

    They are:

    • Meeting: a small gathering that does not require a great deal of set up, support, or arrangements
    • Conference: any meeting or event that will involve overnight housing with guests to stay in Seattle University accommodations (summer only)
    • Event: any gathering that is not a meeting and not a conference

    When working with a CES staff member, it helps to let him or her know what type of program you are planning.

    Reservation Process

    Requests for meeting space may be done either by e-mail to or by telephone at (206) 296-5620.

    For events or conferences that will take more collaboration and arrangements, please submit an Event Request Form (ERF). This may be done online with our comprehensive electronic version.

    Student Clubs and Organizations should use the online form specifically designed for student programs, as some of the policies and procedures are different.

    Once the necessary information is received, one of our Front Desk Coordinators will review your request, and tentatively reserve facilities for the proposed program. It will then be determined if the nature of the event requires that an Event Coordinator be assigned. The Front Desk Coordinator will then send a confirmation to you, along with further information on the planning process and from whom you can request further information or support.

    The information submitted to CES will be used to determine the following:

    • What facility or facilities would work best for the event or conference, and whether these are available for the date(s) requested;
    • Arrangements in the event of conflicting programming or university scheduling (e.g. if the date requested coincides with a large university-wide event, or is during a university holiday)
    • Whether or not the program needs an Event Coordinator assigned to work on it
    • Whether there will be any food service needed, and if so, give proper information on ordering
    • Whether there will be any technical equipment support needed, and if so, specifically what
    • Whether there will be any parking needs for the program, and what solutions are available for the day and time the conference or event will take place

    "Sponsored" or "Hosted"

    Another thing we will need to determine for any programs being planned by Seattle University staff and/or faculty is whether the event or conference will be “Sponsored" or "Hosted.” Full descriptions are available in our policies section.

    • A “sponsored” event or conference is one that is conceived, created, operated, and paid for by Seattle University. and advertised as a Seattle University event. Examples might be department meetings, or the Summer Business Institute (a conference created and operated by the Albers School of Business). All money involved in the program must go through university accounts.
    • A “hosted” event is one that may involve an outside entity, but it has some importance to and/or affiliation with Seattle University. Examples might be a regional meeting of an association to which a faculty member belongs, or a program put on by a non-profit organization with which a department has a close tie.

    These designations were set up to help determine whether or not student tuition money should fully pay for the costs of having a program meet on our campus, or whether the program might need to help defray university costs for having it here. In addition, the full definitions help determine whether or not a program type might jeopardize the university’s tax-exempt status.


    Feel free to request information from us regarding our policies or procedures. Common requests include:

    • A list of reserved facilities
    • Audio-visual information
    • Parking information
    • Catering and food service information, including menus and policies
    • Applications for alcohol permits and policies (if applicable)
    • Applications for insurance coverage (if applicable),
    • Photos and/or Scale diagrams for reserved facilities, including possible variations for set up styles
    • Driving directions
    • Campus maps
    • Estimated charges, and/or advice on budget preparation for the event

    Complex events may require assignment of a CES Event Coordinator to review planning and arrangements, and assist you with further questions and plans you have for your program. Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of your program, CES will be there to answer questions and provide support to you during each step of your planning process.