Conference and Event Services


  • Where is your office located?

    Conference & Event Services is located in the Columbia Building (CLMB), on the corner of 14th Ave and E. Columbia. Our front desk is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Why must I submit an ERF for my event?

    Seattle University is a vibrant and busy campus. Conference & Events services helps plan and execute over 9,100 events a year on campus (that’s an average of 25 per day!). Coordinating these events takes time. Our schedulers need time to review your requests, find appropriate space, and schedule the rooms. When you begin working with your Event Coordinator, they will need time to coordinate equipment setup, technology needs, parking, security, and staff to setup and monitor your event.

    All of these factors (not to mention the occasional holiday) play into the need for the submission of your ERF. CES aims to provide the best possible event experience possible for you, and will work with you to achieve this goal.

    How far out can I reserve space on campus?

    Off-campus clients may reserve space up to six months out. On-campus clients may reserve space as far as a year out. Exceptions are considered on a case by case basis

    I am a for-profit company. Can I reserve space at Seattle University?

    Seattle University is a non-profit, independent university. The state of Washington and Federal Government has specific laws in place that govern how our spaces can be used. Please contact our front desk to gather more information about scheduling events on campus.

    Can I reserve space within the Seattle University Law School buildings?

    Conference & Event Services does not book space in the Law School. Please contact the Law School directly for reservation inquiries.

    What kind of technology equipment can be provided for my event?

    Seattle University offers state-of-the-art technology in its classrooms and facilities. Most classrooms and event spaces are technologically ready; others can have equipment delivered upon request. Technicians meet with clients to ensure that everything is event-ready and to answer any questions presenters may have. For an hourly fee, a technician may be scheduled during the entire event. Equipment available includes:

    • Data projector (to connect to a laptop and project onto a screen, such as when PowerPoint is used)
    • PA systems, including wireless microphones and portable systems
    • Computers with DVD and CD playing capability
    • Screens
    • Overhead projectors
    • Document Cameras
    • Slide Projectors

    If you wish something not on this list, please ask! If Seattle University cannot provide it from our own stores, then we can rent it on your behalf. In that case, any charges are passed along to you without markup.

    You might find other helpful information at the Information Technology Classroom Support website.

    When can I access my reserved space?

    Access to reserved spaces is different for each event. If you have a specific need in mind, please communicate it on your SERF. Conference & Event Services will work with you to accommodate your request; however, it may not always be possible do to previously booked events taking place before your event.

    Specifically for the Campion Ballroom, groups are allowed a maximum of three days for setup, if that amount of time is available.

    Why was I assigned a different Event Coordinator than I worked with on my last event?

    Conference & Event Services has a skilled and dedicated team of four full-time and three part-time Event Coordinators who share the responsibilities of coordinating and executing the more that 9,100 events each year. In order to ensure that the workload is spread out evenly CES may assign your group a different Event Coordinator each time you reserve a room. But don’t worry, Event Coordinators meet regularly in order to understand how your previous events have been.

    What kind of decorations can I have at my event?

    Decorations can be a great addition to your event. In order to keep a safe environment and prevent damage or excessive messes in event spaces, the following rules apply:

    The following items ARE NOT allowed in event spaces:

    • Helium Balloons
    • Confetti/Glitter
    • Flame or candles
    • The use of nails, tacks, gaffers tape, sticky putty, or glue to attach items to walls.

    The following items ARE allowed in event spaces:

    • Blue painters tape
    • Stand up decorations
    • Non-Helium balloons
    • Battery operated candles

    For the complete decoration policy, click here!

    Why must I do a Campion Ballroom walkthrough?

    Seattle University’s Campion Ballroom is a fantastic space for your large event. There are a number of specific items that CES needs to walk you through in order for your event to be a success. This includes things like how to operate the lights, how to raise and lower the blinds, where the exits are, etc.

    In addition, we want to ensure that the ballroom is kept free from damage. CES will conduct a spot check on the ballroom to note any existing damage to ensure your group is not held liable for previously damaged items, and to ensure that the next group has a clean and damage-free space.

    CES will work with your schedule to arrange a walk through time. Just speak with your Event Coordinator.