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Parking is regulated at all times and availability is extremely limited during business hours, from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. from Monday through Friday. During these times, reservations for parking may not be possible and event guests may be required to try to find parking in surrounding neighborhoods.

During some times, parking may be arranged in advance for participants of an event or conference. There are two options for payment: the organization may pre-pay for their guests; or the guests may pay individually for parking permits. Please note that special rates are available only to events or programs with 50 or more guests in attendance.

Event Organizers are expected to notify their guests of the payment options prior to advertising their event.

Event Organizer pre-pays for guests: rates start at $3.00 per vehicle
Parking Attendant available, and guests pay individually on site: rates start at $8.00 per vehicle

For events where there are fewer than 50 guests, and where guests will be paying individually on site, permits must be purchased at the yellow pay boxes centrally located in the 12th Avenue and E. Marion Street Parking Lot (also called the "Pigott Parking Lot") or on the ground floor of the Murphy Parking Garage.

The pay boxes accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard. Visitor parking fees start at the following rates:

0-2 hours: $8.00
2-4 hours: $12.00
4-6 hours: $14.00
6-24 hours. $18.00

For conferences (programs with overnight housing), this is different.