Student Club and Organization Event Policies: 

 lee centerAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA): It is the policy of Seattle University that no qualified person shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination in any job, facility, program or activity provided by the University.

To ensure the University's compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, individuals with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations in order to live in on-campus housing and attend events and activities in campus buildings. "Reasonable accommodations" may include: hearing impaired devices, alternative formats, and signers. Disability accommodations require a minimum of three weeks' prior notice to Conference and Event Services.

Approval Process: For every request that is not for a meeting that submitted by a student group, a Student Event Request Form must be filled out and submitted. The completed form is automatically submitted to Student Activities, where it is reviewed. Upon approval, the completed form is forwarded to Conference & Event Services to have a reservation created. Once that reservation is entered into our system (Event Management System, or EMS), a confirmation is sent to the organization, along with contact information for a CES Event Coordinator, who will work with the organization on all the logistical details for the event.

Changes to Meeting, Event or Conference Set Up: For events that are booked as "No Set Up Required," this indicates that no university entities will be planning to support the event in any way. If the Organization wishes to change a "No Set Up Required" event to one where CES will provide equipment, labor, or other support, then CES must receive the request within ten business days of the event.

If an Organization wishes to have audio-visual equipment at a meeting, conference or event, then ITCS must receive the request at least five business days prior.

For events that are already listed as requiring support from CES, the Organization must request any changes by no later than three business days prior to its start. These changes include but are not limited to: requests for equipment, changes in number of attendees, changes in room set up, and requests for additional audio-visual requirements (equipment and/or operation). Changes requested after this deadline may not be able to be accommodated based on required space changes, other events happening, staffing levels, and equipment availability.

Decorations: All decorations must have prior approval from Conference & Event Services. The Organization is responsible for removal and proper disposal of all decorations and program materials immediately after the event.

The following tems ARE NOT allowed in event spaces:

  • Helium balloons
  • Confetti/Glitter
  • Flames and candles
  • The use of nails, tacks, gaffers tape, sticky putty, or glue to attach items to walls

The following items are ALLOWED in event spaces:

  • Blue painters tape
  • Stand up decorations
  • Non-Helium balloons
  • Battery operated candles

For the complete decoration policy, click here!

Food and Catering: See the Food and Catering Policies and Procedures page

Insurance: In some cases, an event or conference organized by a Student Club or Organization will involve off campus organizations. Please see the Campus Sponsor/Host Policy for details. If such a Student Event or Conference is determined to be Hosted, then Event Liability Insurance will need to be obtained. The Organization must carry a general liability insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000.00 and name Seattle University as an additional insured. A copy of the certificate of coverage will be required.

Conference & Event Services offers information on a vendor that can provide general liability insurance coverage. Purchase arrangements can be made upon request. Rates are determined by the type of event , number of days on campus and estimated attendance. Please note: student organization functions do not usually require additional insurance.

Parking: Parking is regulated at all times and availability is extremely limited during business hours, from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. from Monday through Friday. During these times, reservations for parking may not be possible and event guests may be required to try to find parking in surrounding neighborhoods.

During some times, parking may be arranged for participants of an event or conference. There are two options for payment: the organization may pre-pay for their guests; or the guests may pay individually for parking permits. Please note that special rates are available only to events or programs with 50 or more guests in attendance.

Event Organizers are expected to notify their guests of the payment options prior to advertising their event.

Event Organizer pre-pays for guests: rates start at $5.00 per vehicle
Parking Attendant available, and guests pay individually on site: rates start at $8.00 per vehicle

For events where there are fewer than 50 guests, and where guests will be paying individually on site, permits must be purchased at the yellow pay boxes centrally located in the 12th Avenue and E. Marion Street Parking Lot (also called the "Pigott Parking Lot") or on the ground floor of the Murphy Parking Garage.

The pay boxes accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard. Visitor parking fees start at the following rates:

0-4 hours: $8.00
2-4 hours: $12.00
4-6 hours: $14.00
6-24 hours. $18.00


ADVERTISING — No off campus organization is allowed to use the name of Seattle University or its insignia in any publication, except to state as a location where a program or event will be held. Sponsorship or endorsement by Seattle University may not be implied without advance permission by Seattle University officials. If you are working with an off campus entity, please ensure that they are in compliance with this policy.

All publications and advertisements created and/or utilized by off campus entities which use the Seattle University name or insignia must be reviewed and approved by the Conference and Event Services office prior to distribution and/or publishing. Conference & Event Services office requires a minimum of 5 (five) business days to review such material.

SIGNS — The club or organization may post outdoor signs pertaining to event programming on campus by making prior arrangements with Conference & Event Services.

  • Up to four (4) sandwich boards (A-frame) may be reserved for signage and set up no more than 72 hours prior to the start of the program, through the last day of the program.
  • Sandwich boards are available on a first-request basis.
  • Signs may not be posted on walls, doors, glass, trees, vehicles or railings.
  • Conference & Event Services will place sandwich board signs at pre-approved locations.
  • Sandwich boards are 2' wide by 3' high. Lamination of all signs is recommended.
  • Seattle University's Reprographics department can produce signs for your program, including lamination.

Scheduling of Facilities/Spaces: Classroom space on campus is scheduled through Conference & Event Services after the Registrar releases the classrooms for such scheduling. This is usually near the middle of the quarter prior to the one being opened for scheduling.

Requests for scheduling non-classroom space are accepted on a first-request basis. However, confirmation of the event being scheduled is usually given:

  • Two (2) years in advance of the event for Academic and University
    Administration events or large-scale, traditional Student Events
  • One (1) year in advance of the event for all other University events
  • Nine (9) months in advance for hosted events
  • Six (6) months in advance of the event for non-University events

Conference & Event Services reserves the right to substitute facilities for the space(s) reserved should the need arise.

Requests may be made farther out than these guidelines, but the reservations will be entered as “tentative” until the official guidelines allow for confirmed reservations to be made.

Smoking: All buildings on the Seattle University Campus are non-smoking, including residence halls. Smoking is permitted outside, at a minimum of 50 feet from the openings, including windows and doors, of any campus buildings.

Tax Status: Seattle University fully complies with Washington State tax statutes regarding private colleges and universities. Because of this, certain programs may be prohibited from campus, or requirements may be in place that a booking organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) charitable institution. A copy of the exemption letter from the Internal Revenue Service proving 501(c)(3) status, may be required in some instances. Please ask an Event Coordinator for clarification on any events you have that involve off campus entities.

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