Policies and Procedures for Serving Alcohol at a Student Event

Wine at Event

Seattle University allows wine and beer to be served on campus with an approved Alcohol Service Request Form and Washington State Banquet Permit. "BYOB" events, beer kegs and hard liquor are not permitted on campus.

Alcohol Service Policies

The service and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the University campus and at University-sponsored events off campus shall be done in compliance with applicable municipal, state, and federal laws and regulations, and in accordance with University policies and procedures.  Event sponsors are required to ensure that all policies are followed. 

Event Approval

  1. This policy covers all events for which undergraduate students will be in attendance which are sponsored by students or student organizations. 
  2. Students or student groups hosting an event must submit a Student Event Request Form (SERF) at least 45 days in advance of the intended date, and must comply with the policy for approval of all student events. 
    1. On campus events require that a SERF be submitted to both Conference and Event Services and the Director of Student Activities for approval. 
    2. Off campus events involving alcohol require a SERF be submitted to the Director of Student Activities for approval. 
  3. Event sponsors will be responsible for complying with the Code of Conduct.  Violation of the code and/or this policy may result in loss of the privilege of hosting other events with alcohol for a minimum of one quarter.  The group and individual planners may be dealt with through the Judicial Process. 
  4. The Director of Student Activities or designee has the right to cancel an event at any time if this policy is not being followed. 

Planning the Event

  1. An event management team, made up of members of the sponsoring group, should be identified in advance of the event to monitor and coordinate the event.  These individuals must abstain from alcoholic beverages and must include the group’s advisor or designated staff or faculty member.  The team composition and size must be approved in advance by the Director of Student Activities or designee. 
  2. In consultation with the Director of Student Activities or designee, the event management team will develop and implement a plan which includes: 
    1. A system for preventing attendees from being over-served 
    2. A wrist-band system with three pull tabs, or alternate system, to ensure that attendees are allowed a maximum of three drinks per person. 
    3. A system to remove intoxicated persons from the event, document incidents and report incidents to the Dean of Students. 
    4. Assignment of specific duties to responsible parties, such as members of the event management team, SU Public Safety and/or hired licensed security. 
  3. All alcohol must be handled and served only by licensed Bon Appetit Catering Staff for on campus events. For off-campus events with alcohol, a licensed third party vendor is required.  A copy of the vendor’s license will need to be provided to the Director of Student Activities or designee in advance. 
  4. Alcohol will be limited to beer and wine.  No kegs are allowed. 
  5. Security coordinated through SU Public Safety is required.  Plans and implementation must be coordinated with and approved by the Director of Student Activities or designee to ensure that security officers enforce all applicable municipal, state, and federal laws and regulations, in accordance with University policies and procedures.   
  6. All promotional materials must follow the posting policy. Please see the Campus Assistance Center website for detailed information. 

Implementing the Event

  1. Discounts, drink specials or pricing that encourages over-consumption is prohibited.  Alcohol may not be distributed for free.  Beverage prices must be approved in advance.  
  2. At all events where alcohol is served, non-alcoholic beverages and high protein food must be provided by the sponsor free of charge. Plans must be approved by the Director of Student Activities or designee. 
  3. If attendees will include both those of legal drinking age and underage, separate areas for alcohol consumption must be designated.  Only those of legal drinking age may be allowed in the area in which alcohol is served and alcohol may not leave that area. 
  4. Event sponsors must provide transportation to and from an off campus events.  This must be coordinated with the Director of Student Activities or designee.  Groups must use a licensed transportation company. 
  5. Alcohol cannot be donated or awarded as prizes to student group sponsored events or to individual students. 
  6. Off campus venues must sign the SU Alcohol Rider, detailing this policy and acknowledging their responsibility to comply and support event sponsors in enforcement, or the event may be terminated. 


  1. All attendees at the event, regardless of university affiliation are required to comply with all applicable laws and university policies, including the SU Student Code of Conduct. 
  2. Attendees will be admitted to events, or areas where alcohol is served for mixed age events, only with a current valid legal identification.  Students must also present their student identification.  Event hosts must request a list of students 21 and older and use it to verify age of attendees. 
  3. No one should be coerced, even subtly, to drink or overindulge. A social event that encourages drunkenness as a theme, or the advertisement of such an event, is unacceptable and will not be permitted. Drinking contests are not allowed. Advertising or promoting alcohol as a primary attraction of an event and the marketing of alcohol by beverage manufacturers, distributors, clubs, or organizations are prohibited.  
  4. Alcohol cannot and will not be served to intoxicated persons. Intoxicated persons must be removed from the event.  They will be documented and referred to the Judicial Process (see # 6c). 
  5. Guests, if allowed, will be limited to one per SU student.  SU students are responsible for their guests. 
  6. SU Student Leaders will be held accountable to the Principles for SU Student Leaders, in addition to the Code of Conduct. 

This policy has been added to the university’s campus-wide policy as section D, under Policies on Drug or Alcohol Use By the Campus Community.

Obtaining Permits 

  • A representative from the Organization must request and submit a completed Alcohol Service Request Form to the Conference & Event Services Office (CES) for approval to serve alcoholic beverages (beer and wine) on campus. The request must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the start of the event.
  • If approved, the representative will be given a signed permission letter to be taken to a Washington State liquor store for the purchase of a Banquet permit. (Current cost is $10.00 per event.)
  • Most events—including any that will potentially have underage participants attending—will require that one or more Bon Appétit servers be hired to serve the alcohol at the event. The organization must assume all costs for this. Bon Appétit will let you know the estimated costs for this in advance of the event.
  • The Banquet permit must be posted during the function near the alcohol service area. Each function and/or location requires a separate Banquet permit.
  • The group or organization assumes sole responsibility for compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances and University policies pertaining to the use or possession of alcohol.

To make a request to have alcohol at your events, please click on one of the following links: 

The  Special Occasion Permit request form is used when your program will be serving beer and/or wine to your participants that are over age 21. With this more expensive permit, you may have alcohol donated to the event, and you may charge participants for individual drinks. This permit must be sent to and approved by the Washington State Liquor Control Board, and can take up to seven weeks to process, so as much lead time as possible must be given when submitting it.