Food and Catering Policies and Procedures

If your club, organization, or class is holding an event in which food will be served, you will want to review the Student Event Food Policy and flow chart of procedures.

Depending on the student organization, the size of event, and the type of food served, groups should reference the corresponding food policies:

If your event will be catered, refer to the Student Event Food Policy for catered events.

If your event will not be catered by Bon Appétit and the club will be serving food or using an outside vendor, refer to Non-Catered Student Events.     

If your event is a Legacy Program, refer to the Student Event Food Policy for Legacy Programs. As of January 2013 Legacy Programs include: Hui O' Nani Hawaii's Lu'au, Marianas Taotao Tano Club's Fiesta, SEAC's Quadstock, MeChA's Celebracion, Student Activities' Dance Maraton, United Filipino Club's Barrio Fiesta, and the Vietnamese Student Association's Xuan Festival.

Some clubs, organizations, and classes wish to hold Bake Sales to raise funds. If you wish to make arrangements for a Bake Sale, the first step is to fill out a Student Event Request Form to reserve a table at which to hold your Bake Sale. The deadline for this is three weeks prior to the event, so please give yourself enough time. 

Next, you will need to submit a Bake Sale Information Form. Your club advisor or supervising faculty member will need to authorize the form.

Finally, your class, organization or club will need to familiarize itself with King County Health Department regulations. The document Information on Holding a Bake Sale at Seattle University contains a compilation of those foods that may be sold without the purchase of a health department permit. If you do plan to serve foods not on the "exempt" list, you need to arrange the event more than 30 days prior to the event. The permit costs $273 and requires King County Health Department approval.