Equipment Request Form 

This form can be used to make small equipment requests for an existing reservation (e.g. 1-2 tables for catering). Please do note the important information and deadlines below 

  • All CES equipment (tables, chairs, easels, etc.) must be requested ten (10) business days in advance.
  • Audio-visual support must be requested at least seven (7) days in advance
Required fields are marked with an * 
NOTE: For best results, please use a Windows based PC and ensure that the confirmation page displays after clicking "submit". If you do not see a confirmation page, please check for missed entries in required fields. 

Group Information 

  1. Contact Name: * 
  2.  E-mail Address: * 
  3. Phone Number:  
Event Information: 
  1. Reservation or Booking Number: * 
If you do not have a reservation number but are confident that you have a reservation with CES, then please describe the event fully so we can do our best to located it in the system: 

Equipment Requested  

  1. Table for Catering  
  2. Table for other purposes
  3. Easel
  4. Additional Technology Needs
  5. Other 

Please describe equipment requested noting quantity and placement details (Be aware that CES needs to comply with individual building Fire Codes):